Up All Night With One Direction

So, basically, I had the best weekend ever. On Saturday, my sister and I went to the One Direction Up All Night Tour, and I can't even begin to explain how amazing it was. I could barely talk the next day and there was a constant ringing in my ears, but it was all worth it!

The boys were incredible. They have actual talent, no auto-tune necessary. Not to mention, they're wayyy cuter in person. I just want a replay button so I can go back to that night over and over and over...

We had actually really good seats. I'm still really glad about that, especially since the show was completely sold out! Below are some of the pictures my sister took - she's absolutely amazing at photography, and we all know my photography skills start and end with instagram.

Oh, and if you happen to stumble across this video from the concert...the horrible scream at the 2:00 mark? Guilty as charged.

I couldn't help it. Lou singing "Valerie" was just perfection. Sorry I'm not sorry.

Shout-out to Bailey for the cute pictures! Well, except the one of the bracelets, which was obviously such a masterpiece it could only be credited to me anyways...well, me and instagram.



  1. I personally do not think they are the most talented, but their songs are fun and uplifting. And, of course, they are cute.

    1. I can bet you that your opinion would change if you saw them in concert ;)
      They're actually better live!

  2. Glad you had fun! Yes, they are SO good live, especially Harry, his voice tone is amazing. They are such cuties and it's major fun to see them mucking about acting like fools on stage. Personally I'm still recovering from the show I saw over a week ago, haha.
    PS I like your dress!


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