Big/Little Shenanigans

There's a time during the spring semester that a series of shenanigans begin...and by shenanigans, I mean intense crafting, glittering, and breaking into freshman dorms in order to leave surprises for your new favorite person. This is what I'd like to call Big/Little Week.

For those of you who aren't a part of Greek life, Big/Little Week is where older members of a sorority (or fraternity) opt to take a new member as their "Little," which makes them a "Big." Essentially, the Big is there to guide and help their Little through the new member process and spoil them immensely along the way. The fun is that the Littles don't know who their Bigs are until reveal, which comes at the very end of the week.

The week of Big/Little, the Bigs leave baskets for their Littles that have cute sorority gifts and a few of their favorite things. This also means that there's an insane amount of crafting involved prior to Big/Little week to make sure everything is absolutely perfect for the new addition to the family.

I've featured the baskets I put together for my perfect Little along with some family photos from reveal. Scroll down to see them!

BASKETS!!! Each night had its own theme, so the baskets were appropriately sorted depending on the night. The top left was the "Everything AOII" night basket, which included fun AOII-themed goodies for my little. The next night was "AOII Night-In/Beach Day Out," so I stuck to mostly the latter since my little loves the beach, and painted a cooler for her with a different Lilly Pulitzer print featured on each side. The third night was "How Sweet It Is To Be An AOII," which normally entails lots of candies and cookies and cupcakes, oh my! Finally, the last night was "Family Night," where the Littles find out what family they're in. Our family is the Royal ZTA fam, which fits us perfectly! The best part was getting to see my little open all of her gifts each night...and creepily trying to take pictures without her seeing so I wouldn't give myself away. Although, she figured it out on the first night since I monogrammed her basket and gave her a box of bows...Shelby problems.

After the week of baskets comes the best day - REVEAL!!! I literally could not keep a secret all week, especially since I couldn't Instagram any of the crafts I made for her so she wouldn't see. Reveal could not come soon enough!

Every sorority does Big/Little reveal a bit differently. My sorority gets a little creative: we pop out of boxes! All of the bigs hide in boxes on the lawn and then the littles come out to open them to find out who their big is. I decided to get a little crafty and made a life-sized Barbie box. After seeing a similar idea on Pinterest, I made a large box out of two smaller ones and stacked them. After wrapping, painting, and adding streamers to the front, my Barbie doll box was made.


So, if you've been wondering where in the world have I been for the past month, I've been crafting. Little-rally. All the hours put into painting and mod-podging was totally worth it, though, because I got the best present of all - my little!!


  1. Everything you made for your Little is absolutely adorable. I also love your Barbie box idea!



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