Fox Day

There's always a day in the spring where it's just too beautiful outside to go to class. For students at Rollins College (like myself), this day is known as Fox Day! Fox Day is a campus-wide holiday where the president cancels classes for the day and students are free to do what they please. Tests, papers, and any homework that was due that day doesn't have to be turned in, either!

The catch? No one knows when it is because it's a surprise every year! Some students even play Fox Day Roulette, where they don't study or do homework because they're sure that Fox Day is the next day, but when it's not, they're scrambling to try to finish everything before class that day!

5:50 A.M. It's an early Tuesday morning, I'm sleepy, and my phone is ringing. I stumble out of bed to answer it. "Happy Fox Day, Shelby!" I hear. It's the president of Rollins, and Fox Day is officially here! I scramble to find the other numbers on the phone tree I've been given - I'm on the Fox Day committee this year, and it's my job to help spread the word that it's today - and rush to look semi-decent to go take pictures with the fox statue, which I watch from Fox Day Cam as it's rolled out onto the lawn. I try to wake my sister up, who is visiting for the week while on break.

It's not Fox Day until you get a picture with the fox!
We decide to venture to Epcot for the Flower and Garden Festival, only after taking pictures with the fox, of course!

It's a picture-perfect day spent at the happiest place on earth. From princesses to pandas, life-sized floral arrangements filled the park for the festival. We find a Lotso bear topiary (pictured lower left) and, to our surprise, he even smells like strawberries!

After a long day at the parks, we finally make our way back to campus, decide to order pizza and pop in a movie. Fox Day 2013 was definitely the best one yet, and I'm already looking forward to next year's!

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