Week of Gatsby: DIY Gatsby Headband

One more day until The Great Gatsby hits theaters, and I can hardly wait! Today's Week of Gatsby post features an easy DIY headband that will be perfect to wear to see the film or to that party at Jay's house (biggest house in West Egg, you can't miss it!).

What You'll Need:

Ribbon Elastic (find it at Michael's or any craft store)
1920s Accents (I used an iron-on applique; lace, feathers, beading, sparkles - anything flapper-style - would be perfect!)
Hot Glue Gun / Glue Sticks
Lighter (to heat-seal the ends, clear nail polish also works)

1. I first measured the ribbon elastic around my head. It's better for it to be a little snug since the elastic stretches (just not too tight!). I cut a little extra than necessary because you'll need this to seal the ends together after you finish.

2. I used an applique, so I laid out the elastic and then laid out the applique above it to try to center it as best as possible (it's okay if it's not perfect).

3. I hot glued the applique to the elastic. Instead of doing a line, I placed the applique over the ribbon and then placed drops of hot glue in sections. Since it's elastic, this will help the headband to give a little bit when you put it on.

4. I heat-sealed the ends with a lighter. Then, I put a dab of hot glue and overlapped it with the other end to complete the headband. Mine ended up being a little big, so I ended up cutting the elastic and overlaid it with another dab of hot glue over the other end. 

And VOILA! In just under 15 minutes, I had a Daisy Buchanan-esque headband, perfect to wear with a pretty lace dress or a beaded top, which I will be wearing to see the movie tomorrow! I plan to wear mine like a classic headband, but it would be fun to switch up and wear flapper-style across the forehead too.

What will you be wearing to the premiere? Will you be DIY-ing 1920s-inspired accessories? Would you DIY your own Gatsby headband? Let me know in a comment!

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