I Don't Care, I Love It: Croakies

The first stop in my guide of Summer Essentials is sunglasses's bestie croakies.

Say what? Okay, the modern world refers to them as sunglass straps but I've been calling them croakies for as long as I can remember. Cute and functional, these little creations keep your sunglasses from plummeting to doom when you look down and give them a place to rest when you're not wearing them. 

Below, I've rounded up my top five picks to share with you!
At the tippy-top of my list is my absolute favorite croakies - Lilly Pulitzer! Made for the Lilly girl at heart, these boast a fun Lilly print on one side and a cute quote on the inside. I have a pair in Lucky Charms ("Social Butterfly") and it suits me well!

Nothing says summer quite like these Vineyard Vines sunglass straps featuring their "Every day should feel this good" motto. Bonus points for the tiny pink whale!

If you prefer to keep your croakies on the classy side, try ProperKidProblems's "The Proper Life" sunglass straps. #StayClassy and cool in the midst of summer!

Definitely my new favorite find, CottonSnaps offers a variety of sunglass straps for every taste. I can't resist these seersucker ones!

Last but certainly not least, I found these too fab for words monogrammed sunglass straps on Etsy! Chevron + monograms + fun colors = instant win.

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