Tips For A Happy Desk

My desk space is my home base. I spend a lot of time sitting there, so I wanted it to be functional as well as reflect my personality. After all, I write, blog, and sometimes paint from this space. I might as well be inspired by it!

If you follow my Instagram, I've recently rearranged the everything on my desk, and I couldn't be happier! It's bright and welcoming, and now displays one of my paintings.

If you're looking to enhance your desk space, I've collected a few tips below to help you organize and make it your own!

Keep it simple. - Desks can easily be cluttered by folders or books. Find a place for everything and keep it as clear as possible from any unnecessary objects. Store these in desk drawers or on shelves for easy access!

Make it yours! - Although it's best to keep things to a minimum, adding a few frames, flowers, or trinkets can personalize the space. I like to keep fresh flowers on my desk for a pop of color.

Have a calendar nearby. - Calendars are essential in my opinion! Whether it's a desktop, wall, or mini calendar on your desk, these are great to keep close by for easy planning. I chose this cute Kate Spade calendar to hang above my desk. The pretty watercolors every month are just so fun!

Get creative! - Use unconventional items for storage. For example, I use my favorite ABD You Can't Sit With Us mug to hold my pens. It's cute but functional!

How do you keep your desk organized?

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  1. Love your desk! It's so cute and organized :)

  2. Your desk is serving as inspiration for mine! I can't wait to head back home and re-establish my space. I'm crazy about your Instagram!

    Constance || Prep Northwest


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