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Since I've been back from vacation, I've been feeling completely inspired! I decided to spend the afternoon painting...which means there's a few new originals to welcome to my shop!

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The first is similar in style to a few of my other paintings, but has a hint of gold and glitter! It's called "golden afternoon" because I felt inspired by the gorgeously colored sunset after it had been raining all evening. I absolutely love the extra sparkle, too!

golden afternoon by ShelbyRevisArt on Etsy
The next one, I whipped out a bright neon pink (yes, neon) and felt a little more artsy! This one has a flair that's all it's own...but still has my signature glitter added in. "Sunrise" will surely keep you in a sunny state of mind wherever you put it!

"sunrise" by ShelbyRevisArt on Etsy
Luckily for you, Lucky Day readers receive 15% off all orders now through Sunday with code "LUCKYDAY15." Hooray!

Check out all my original art on my Etsy shop here!

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  1. These are beautiful! I love the colors!


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