Disney Packing Guide

Alright...I'm tackling a big post today. Being a self-proclaimed Disney pro (yay locals!), I have had my fair share of Disney staycations over the years...and have found what works and what doesn't when you go to pack.

Unlike any other vacation, you pack things like sunscreen, rain ponchos and flip flops, and of course, mouse ears. Duh. While I've posted in the past about what to bring to the parks, I've yet to share about what to actually pack. So, after receiving lots of requests, a go-to packing guide for your Disney trip is finally here, tested and princess approved!

A day at the parks...

Park Hopping or Downtown Disney...
A day by the pool or at the waterpark...
Out to dinner...
Other things to remember: Preppy Park EarsRain jacket | "I'm Celebrating" button | Popover (it can get chilly at night or in the resorts!) | Mobile charger

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  1. I live about 20 minutes from Disneyland, and I don't go nearly enough as I should! :-) I'll keep this in mind when I go next (hopefully this month!)
    Little Miss Haute Couture


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