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Something big happened earlier today that I can't quite explain. Lilly for Target was everything I dreamed of...until it became one of the biggest nightmares ever.

We survived #LillyforTarget 2k15
Bailey and I drove an extra 30 minutes out to a Super Target to shop the Lilly Pulitzer line early this morning. Boy, were we in for a surprise. We arrived roughly around 7:30 a.m., greeted by a sea of people all there to shop the collab. Um, what do you mean there's a line? Where's the FastPass option??

We stood around until the store opened at 8, but by then the crowd had wrapped around the side of the building. A Target employee brought out a cart of waters and granola bars to give we were about to run a marathon or something. Were we?? I wasn't prepared. I had a list bookmarked of course, but nothing I just had to have, you know?

The doors opened. Pink and green chaos ensued. I passed 40 year old suburban moms in Lululemon fighting over the last tote bag. I rounded the corner to the women's section, only to find a handful of rompers and palazzo pants left on a rack , watching as others who were lucky enough to be one of the first in line dashed away to the dressing room, carts full of the items I'd been staring at for weeks.

I grabbed a pair of pants for my mom and a romper for my sister and booked it to the home section, just in time for Target employees to roll out carts of home goods. I grabbed what I could of beach towels, passed it to Bailey and my friend Sarah, and went back for more. I snagged a set of plates before moving onto the cosmetics.

By then, everything was gone except for a slim selection of nail polish. Where were all those cute makeup bags I lusted over?? Nowhere to be found, except in another Lululemon shopping cart, along with 10 others of the same kind, probably listed on eBay later.

At this point, frustrated and overwhelmed, I headed for the dressing rooms with my squad in tow, only to find a mass of women gathered around, waiting for others to come out with pieces they didn't want. People were guessing numbers between one and ten, vying for Lilly bikini tops and printed maxis and snatching them up. I was lucky enough to score a pair of pants in between women throwing on their steals in the aisles, trying them on amidst the chaos.

After another loop around the store, we called it quits. We watched as the displays were taken down, as if Lilly for Target never happened...because, did it really?? It was all a blur to me. Happy with my finds and tired of death glares from the fashionably late, I was ready to check out and get coffee.

All in all, I kind of expected this to happen...but still, it was annoying to say the least. The hype didn't match the stock, which created a crazy supply and demand situation. People. Were. Insane.

To be honest, I'm really disappointed with the whole thing. The selection was extremely limited. I checked online before I went and passed another Target on my way, just because the store I went to carried a larger selection...even then, two small racks of things was not enough. 

The haul... Glasses | Appetizer plates | Dinner plates | Nail polish in "Mesmerized" and "Golden Nuggets" | Nail file | Hanging cosmetic | Palazzo pants | Jumpsuit | Beach Towels (1, 2, 3, 4)
I'm very happy with what I scored (flamingo beach towels all day, every day please), but was it really worth the three hours of sleep and emotional exhaustion? Debatable. Maybe I should've stuck with online shopping despite the site crash, but it's just clothes. I'll be fine.

The thing that struck me most were the resellers. Like, really, what is the point of an affordable line if eBay listings would be popping up with the items for just as much as regularly priced Lilly?? How is that reasonable? Maybe if the supply matched the demand, there wouldn't be such an issue. Or, perhaps, they should've offered just lifestyle products that wouldn't compete with Lilly clothes.

As a loyal Lilly girl, this episode has made me lose a lot of credibility with the brand. I'm not worried about someone mistaking my Delia shift for a Target find, but at the same time, the excitement I had for this "capsule collection" was soon met with utmost disappointment. At least I have some Lilly beach towels to wipe my tears...kidding. But, really. Lilly, get your shift together.

Did y'all fight the crowds this morning? Or did you get some online goodies? Tell me what you scored!!

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  1. I was able to get everything I wanted last night online...I stayed up until 4 am to do it but it was me and two other friends and we were having fun getting caught up in the moment and I'm sure we will laugh about it in a few days once we've had enough sleep. I headed to the store this morning because a lot of people I know were unable to get anything and I told them I'd check the store (I also just wanted to check out the displays and the home goods). By the time I got there at 9:00 Target was dead. There was not one item left and the racks were being wheeled away and displays being taken down. I was SHOCKED that with all the money they spent on advertising and hyping this up that there was one tiny rack in my store that couldn't have held more than one of each item in each size. I don't get it. I am disappointed. Like I said though, I'm sure we will all look back on this in awhile and laugh.

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  2. I'm sorry you had a bad experience! In Iowa it wasn't nearly as intense as your experience!

  3. I have to agree, I'm a Lilly Lover through and through and although I wasn't completely dying to have everything from the collection, there were a few key pieces I wanted. Luckily the Target I went to only had 20-40 people waiting in line and we were towards the front. I managed to get a few of the pieces I really wanted, but was disappointed to find that the Target I went to didn't even carry the cute swimsuits or bow headband, especially, I wanted. I'm really happy and fortunate to have gotten the pieces I really wanted, but I feel as if the whole situation could've been handled better, especially with those people that were clearly snatching up everything for the sole purpose of eBay.


  4. I agree! Very disappointing, they hyped it up so much for just one tiny rack and now it's all on eBay! Too bad, I expected more.

  5. They hyped it so much that I'm so disappointed with how quickly stocks sold! There was legitimately only one or two of each size! Crazy! Anyway, I love what you got and I hope you'll be joining the #LillyForTargetLinkup that I'm co-hosting on April 29th! Details are in my last post :)

    Michaela || The Monogrammed Midwesterner

  6. I was totally disappointed as well. I couldn't get my hand on a single thing. They did not have enough to go around!

    xoxo Madeline |

  7. That sounds like an awful experience! I too was so disappointed with the crazy lack of supply, especially when I was up practically all night just to buy a bikini top, only for it to sell out in seconds. Luckily, I was first in line at the store, but they barely had any pieces there either.

    Check out my post on everything I bought!


  8. This is the most well written recap of #PinkSunday I've seen. Love it and completely agree with your sentiments.

    Alex | Mrs. Mason Dixon

  9. I agree with everything you said. I actually came too late because I wasn't expecting the amount of chaos that was going to happen and I ended up not getting anything. Oh well, I'm a little glad I didn't bother with the crowd!
    Alyson |


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