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Hey y'all! If you haven't noticed, this month of posts have been a little off of their normal schedule...and that's because LOTS of changes have been happening around here!! I've been dying to share all the updates with y'all but was waiting until everything was here's a quick little update!

First and FOREmost (get it??), I accepted a position with the Golf Channel!! Like, is this real life?? #dreamjob

So official, amiright? Not sure if I'll be rubbing elbows with Jordan Spieth just yet, but you know...

And, I just signed the lease to my very own apartment! I am over the moon about it and can't wait to share pictures once it's all set up. It'll be a crazy few weeks ahead, but I'm feeling extra blessed. 

Over the past year, God has taught me so much about patience and diligence. It was definitely not the most exciting thing, being told "not now" and having to wait it out, but my prayers have finally led to something that I know is 100% in His plan, not my own! I can't wait to see what's ahead, and although I'm pretty overwhelmed at the moment, I know it'll all work out the way it should. I couldn't be more thankful (especially to mom & dad - u da real MVP's for putting up with my post-grad life for so long and helping me transition!).

I'm also incredibly thankful for all of you that have stuck with me through all of this (and new readers too - hi, nice to meet you!).  I love being able to share all these exciting (sometimes stressful) moments with you!!

More to come soon!! For now, hmu on Instagram! Xoxo

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  1. Congrats on your new job and apartment!


  2. Congrats! I had an internship with NBC Universal - Comcast SportsNet!



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