Not Always Sunny

This week has been an adventure to say the least. From all the rain (and the traffic) and my first visit to the PGA show...this week certainly had its highs and lows. I can't complain. Not every day is going to be sunny!

However, I can choose to keep my attitude sunny + bright, even when it's difficult. Choosing to look on the bright side not only puts me in a good mood, it also keeps me focused on what's truly important. Getting caught up in the little things just wastes time and energy that could be spent doing something fun!

We all know that Disney is my happy place, but I can't always run over to Cinderella's Castle whenever I have a bad day. Instead, I remember my favorite movie Tangled and embrace Rapunzel's outlook on life. I relate to her now more than ever - my life is finally beginning - and I definitely had my moments of uncertainty starting out on my own and "leaving my tower" at home. However, that doesn't mean I should run back to my safe place when life gets hard.

I need to remember to be thankful for those challenging moments, because if things were always easy, that would get boring. If it was always sunny, I wouldn't appreciate the good days as much. Bad days have a way of making me see all my blessings. And, the best part, bad days don't last forever!

So, if you're having an off-week, a bad day, or just need a break from it all, take a deep breath, get some rest, and enjoy what you can. Life is way too short to sweat the small stuff, trust me!

"Remember, you're the one who can fill the world with sunshine." - Snow White

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  1. I so needed this post! What amazing advice :) Thank you!

    PS: I'm so jealous Disney is so close to you -- I'd love to run to Cinderella's castle whenever I wanted haha


  2. I totally agree with focusing more on blessings in hard times! Hope you have a great week this upcoming week, Shelby!


  3. So many wise words in your post!

    I love your colourful outfit too - very cute! :)

    Hope that your great attitude wins out and you have a wonderful end to your week! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

    #Struggles Book giveaway!

  4. I love everything about this post! I've been having not the best few months, but certainly filled with highs and lows. Thanks for sharing!
    -Macy // Peonies & Passports

  5. I asked my older sister the other day how she gets over blues...she said just turn on some music when you get home and dance like no one is watching!!! Best advice ever!

  6. This post is so perfect! I hope you have a great week!

    Mackenzie |

  7. I love your state of mind! Really great motivation for this upcoming exam week for me!

    Mikayla | A Seersucker State of Mind.

  8. such a sweet thought about Tangled! wishing you a happy week lovebug <3


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