An Open Letter to the Selection Committee

Dear NCAA Men's Basketball Selection Committee,

Hey. How's it going? Good? I wish I could say the same. Instead, I'm looking at the shreds of paper in front of me that once made my bracket. I was so hopeful this year, and you ruined it.

I'd like to blame all of the upsets for this - who even picked Yale? Middle Tennessee State?? No one saw that coming. Except, maybe people from Middle Tennessee. But, even then, that's questionable. I, along with many other notable sports analysts,  had Michigan State in the Final Four. 

Rather, I'd like to blame you, the committee - the mostly old, white and male athletic directors that came from everywhere except Kentucky. I see you, Duke. I see what you did, and I don't like it.

You see, when you seeded all these teams and officially announced it on the grand Selection Sunday, you completely got it wrong. Upsets happen - I mean, it is March Madness - but, frankly, this year seems a little much. By the way, shoutout to whoever leaked the bracket halfway through the show. You're the real MVP.

Alright, so maybe I'm still butt-hurt over you seeding Texas A&M over Kentucky #conspiracy, but the more I watch these games, the more I realize the mis-seeded teams extend far beyond snubbing my Cats.

No. 2 Michigan State lost by almost 10 points to a no. 15 seed. Fifteen. Explain, please. Also, Hawaii over Cal? Unheard of. These match-ups seem a little weird. It's probably because y'all crafted it to be a total mess...and you're probably loving it.

Anyways, I think next year, instead of picking favorites or whatever this is, maybe you should select based off of actual stats, strength of schedule, conference championship performance or LITERALLY ANYTHING besides whatever method you used this year. Maybe then, my bracket would have a chance at surviving the first round. Maybe. Happy Hunger Games March Madness.


A very biased, very confused/upset Cats basketball fan

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