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I recently came across this article about one of my (former) favorite fashion bloggers, and it made me realize something. It seems like everyone and their mother (literally) has a fashion blog nowadays. It's super trendy to link your "like to know it" outfit from Nordie's everyday, and that you're not allowed to re-wear anything. Ever. Unless, of course, that item is a high-end designer bag or pair of Rockstud Valentinos. 

Honestly, this lifestyle just sounds exhausting. 80+ hours a week shopping, taking photos, editing those photos, and of course, looking flawless while doing it? I mean, more power to Caitlin at Southern Curls and Pearls for pulling it off. She, and so many other bloggers, seem to live the life that every girl wants - jet-setting to tropical getaways, having a killer wardrobe (most of which, was gifted), access to big-name fashion events - but, as with everything else online, it's not what it seems.

At its core, it's excessively superficial and unrealistic. Don't get me wrong, I love clothes. I really do. I love the joy of snagging a new dress and finally getting to wear it out. But, I'm also 23 and have a washing machine. Re-wearing things is inevitable, but also smart. Investing in pieces you can wear 50 different ways seems a lot more appealing than a haul from Forever21 that you might wear once and then let hang in your closet.

It struck me when the article noted that Caitlin had to go home and change because her followers had already seen her in that outfit. Read that again. 

I can't help but think of Kate in The Lizzie McGuire Movie when she calls Lizzie out for repeating an outfit. Like...what is this? Middle school? If I re-wear a dress, will the Kates of the world emerge and exclaim that I, too, am an outfit repeater?? 


Not only that, but it's also quite sickening the amount of pressure put on girls to look that perfect all the time. Caitlin makes it seem oh so effortless, like she rolled out of bed, threw on a pair of white distressed skinnies and a chambray top, and walked out the door fresh and ready to start the day. When, in reality, Caitlin probably stood for a good 30 minutes taking pictures of herself, then sorted through those 250 snaps to find "the perfect one," to then, edit and maybe post. Exhausting. 

Trust me, I know this because I too have experienced said things. I've been guilty of not wanting to re-wear something, feeling the need to constantly buy buy buy to keep up with the Joneses.

I'm not blaming Caitlin, nor bloggers of her space, for the increasing amounts of unrealistic expectations for women. No, the fashion world of social media has done that all by itself. I'm simply noting that consumerism is literally taking over, and it's ruining the fun of blogging. Now, it's like your blog is only successful if that's your job.

To me, blogging is my hobby. It's a space to write about my life, sometimes my outfits, but mostly a space for me to take a breather and express what I'm feeling in a moment, which is why I wrote this post at the beginning of the year.

Again, don't get me wrong, I love to shop and share those finds with y'all. But, I shop for clothes to live in, not because they're my life. My blog isn't my life, it's a place to share about it, and also what I'm wearing while living it. I feel like most bloggers aren't living - they're creating an image that looks like they're living the dream life - and it's so fake. No one has that perfect of a life. Like my mom said, even celebrities have a life outside their fame.

This year, I'm challenging myself to break out of that blogger box and actually live. It's so refreshing to not have that sort of pressure, and also more rewarding when I get to share authentic content. So, keep in mind next time you log on, that everything isn't what it seems. Don't feel like you have to constantly buy new things to stay relevant. You aren't your things - you're you! And that's way better. Keep it real, y'all. •

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  1. Wow girl you nailed this issue on the head. I am always comparing myself to the other bloggers that do this full time and it's frustrating because I just want to do this for fun and share my style. Keep this up it's great!

  2. NAILED IT. I'm also guilty of not wanting to repeat outfits and my mom likes to tell me "If Princess Kate can repeat an outfit, so can you!"

  3. Wow. So many feels with this post.
    First off, this is the reason why you're one of my favorite bloggers. You keep things so real even if it's not the popular opinion.

    I actually shared that same article on my Facebook page because Caitlin really is another one of my favorite bloggers. I admire the fact that she was able to grow something that started as a hobby for her into a job. Like you, I see there are cons with it such as constantly purchasing new clothes just to style on the blog. That's the thing I struggle with my blog. With my blog I want it to be primarily a fashion and style blog, but by no means do I have the funds to purchase new pieces every day. I want my blog to be a place where you can get inspiration and find different ways to style pieces you already have in your wardrobe.

    Didn't mean to get into a long spill. Whoops. Just keep doing you girl. Can't wait to see how your blog unfolds in the future! (:

    1. Hey Amy, Just wanted to say thank you so much for your support! My blog started out the same way as yours (re-wearing a lot of the same pieces) and I think you're doing a great job!

  4. Yes yes yes! Like you said, more power to the bloggers that are able to get new clothes for every post, but I try to challenge myself to re-wear pieces new ways (and not spend money I don't have) because that's the reality for most millennials. You gotta work with what you have.

  5. Hey Shelby,

    I’m so sorry that you found the article and my job to be superficial, I tried to be as transparent as possible about how I was able to turn my passion into a career. I put so many hours into blogging because I honestly and truly LOVE it, and I would still be blogging today if it wasn't my job. I'm not encouraging other girls to have the same type of blog that I do - my intent was to inspire other girls to follow their dreams and passions because you never know where it might lead you! Oh and in real life, I re-wear my clothes all the time too :)

  6. Such a great post, Shelby! Also I love the "Lizzie McGuire you are an outfit repeater" picture!!
    Miss Olivia Says

  7. This is one of my favorite blog posts ever. As a teen blogger, I do not have the money to go out and buy new things every time I want them. I'm not willing to buy a top that I'm only going to wear once. It's just not reasonable, and I like the clothes I have way too much to only wear them once! This was such a great post and I'm glad I'm not the only blogger who feels this way. This post could not have been more perfect.

    XO, Brooke

  8. I saw your post on tumblr and am just now catching up on my blog reading- I'm new to blogging, and this really resonates with a lot of my recent worries! I worry about fitting a blogger "niche"- I don't just blog about fashion and the like, I include a lot of posts on my current study abroad experiences, what I'm studying in college, and life in general. I worry a lot about whether or not there are actually readers out there for my sort of writing! I'm by no means a professional blogger, so when I post an outfit of the day picture, it's typically a quick mirror pic I grabbed on the way out of the house. With the current (huge!) world of blogging, I hope there's still a place for those of us who just love to write about life and the things we love, and make new friends along the way!



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