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What. A. Month! October flew by so fast I didn't even get a chance to stop and update my blog about it...which, in fact, is a very good thing. I realized the more I go, see, and do, the less time I have to document it all here, which is completely a-okay! I've found that Instagram and Snapchat fit me a little better in that sense - so, yes, this is most certainly a plug to give me a follow over there if you haven't already. :)

In any case, this month has been full of adventures. New friends, new foods, and new's been a fun one! 

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I kicked off the month by celebrating Magic Kingdom's 45th Anniversary with Bailey! It was a fun day and so cool to be a part of the magic. We even got cute buttons to commemorate the day!

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We also celebrated my dad's 50th birthday that weekend. Such a fun time visiting the Four Seasons for dinner and watching the fireworks from my parents' room overlooking Magic Kingdom and Epcot! Also, we got churros for dessert, and I am very confused as to why I've never had these fried sticks of deliciousness previously. New favorites? Yup.

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In the spirit of Halloween, my friend Megan hosted a pumpkin carving party. I opted to paint mine instead and turned my pumpkin into a flamingo because, well, of course I did.

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I celebrated my mom's birthday, too, and had some fun with the fam at the UF vs. LSU game. I never got to tailgate in college since I went to a small liberal arts school, so I'm loving this whole football thing!

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With Disney Springs being legit five minutes away, I can't help but visit all the time! I did some damage at my favorite stores when my mom came to visit, but for good reason. It actually feels like fall in Florida for once, so I had to cease the opportunity to dress for the season. Also, we tried the new Morimoto Asia restaurant there...just fire. It was so yummy!

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And last, but certainly not least, I made a new best friend Abby! Seriously, we were bound to be friends...we showed up in the same Toy Story Vans! Together, we conquered my fear of the Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios, and she caught it all on camera. Can't wait for more Disney days with this girl!

And, just like one of my favorite movies Up says, "Adventure is out there!" So, go find it, and make every day a lucky one :)

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  1. Looks like such a fun month! I love following your Instagram- it's so bright and colorful!



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