ASOS Exclusive Minnie Mouse Ears Collection

There's a stereotype floating around that Floridians live at Disney. I don't know about the rest of Florida, but I do know that my sister and I LOVE Disney, and we totally wish we could live there all the time. Living less than an hour away from the parks has its perks...and going to college twenty minutes from there wasn't awful. I didn't just grow up with the Disney movies on VHS like the rest of us 90's kids. No, I grew up with Cinderella's Castle in my backyard (not literally, but you get the idea!). 

So, you can understand my excitement when I discovered that ASOS has launched a new line of exclusive Minnie Mouse ears...and I am in love! They're not your average mouse ears. No, these have a little extra sass that are perfect for making a statement at Disney World (or, for my West Coasters, Disneyland!).
Red & White Polka Dot Minnie Mouse Ears
Leopard Sequin Minnie Mouse Ears
Metallic Sequin Minnie Mouse Ears

Pom Pom Minnie Mouse Ears

My favorite have to be the sparkly ones (obviously!). Which pair of ASOS Minnie Mouse ears is your fave?

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  1. I'm always at Disneyland (SoCal represent!)! These are awesome! Thanks for sharing! (:


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