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I've already raved about my favorites over at before, but now I can finally share the surprise! My bestie Sarah and I are completely obsessed with them. We're such a fan of their Instagram and adorable accessories, but honestly how could you not?

So, when it was time to celebrate Sarah's 21st, I looked no further than to of course! The team sent me a box of goodies for her, and oh my word, it was literally a party in a box.

Confetti, buttons, candy and a smiley face balloon? Sounds like a total party to me! The best part? They sent along this Happy Birthday headband that Sarah wore when we went out for a hibachi birthday dinner at Epcot (#yum). I mean, she's just the cutest.

Check out all the #bandofun at!

Special thanks to Kelly and the team for making her birthday extra special!

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  1. The headband is so funny! I need to get one for my friend's birthday!


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