Favorite Disney Foods

One of my favorite parts of any Disney trip is the food! I mean, I love food in general, so combined with my affinity for things shaped like Mickey Mouse, and I'm sold.

For those of you new to the Disney foodie world, I'm here to help. I've compiled my list of favorite treats from across the Walt Disney World parks and resorts, even though it was incredibly challenging to narrow them down to just a few! Pro tip: bookmark this post for reference when planning your next Disney trip. It'll come in handy, I promise.

Mickey Pretzels

Meet my go-to snack at the parks: Mickey pretzels! It's a classic and perfect for when you're on the go from one Fastpass to the next. Some people might argue that Mickey Bars are where it's at, but I'm a messy eater in general and don't like when chocolate gets on my face, and I've always been more about the salt(y) life anyways! Find them at any of the Disney World parks.

Dole Whips

Dole Whips are life. I'm not exaggerating. These pineapple soft-serve treats are major keys to success on a hot summer day at Magic Kingdom. You can find them at Aloha Isle's new location in Adventureland, right next to the Enchanted Tiki Room. They're also available at the Polynesian Resort. 5/5 stars.


Ah, yes. The colorful little French pastries that are so cute and yummy and look great in an Instagram. Macarons are somewhat new to the parks and a little harder to locate, but oh boy, are they worth it. I recommend hitting up Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie at the France Pavillion in Epcot for an assorted pack (top photo), or most of the bakeries in the parks and resorts for a special Mickey macaron (bottom photo). 


Okay, so not really food, but it is still important because coffee. Starbucks is now at Disney World, and it's a game changer. No longer do you need to go back to your hotel and nap halfway through the day. Now, just hop over to Starbucks for an extra shot of magic, and you'll be good until the fireworks! Plus, the Disney Parks printed cups are just too cute.

Mickey Waffles

Last but certainly not least, Mickey waffles! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and Mickey waffles make it the best. Fact.

What's your favorite Disney food? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Dole whips are always a must for me when I go to Disney! They're so good! I love macaroons and cannot believe I haven't tried the ones at Disney yet. A definite must next time I go. Thanks for sharing!

    Amy |Pastel N Pink

  2. This list must have been so hard to narrow down!! Dole whip is definitely my favorite treat, but I also love seeing the Disney decorated candy apples and chocolate covered marshmallows! And the Main Street bakery in Magic Kingdom has those AMAZING cinnamon buns!! *swoon*

    The Scalloped Edge

  3. My favorite was the huge ice cream bucket in the water park. Total yum!!!

  4. My favorite was the huge ice cream bucket in the water park. Total yum!!!

  5. Thanks for sharing this Shelby! Hopefully I'll be able to test a few of these out the next time in Disney (hopefully soon!).


  6. I love the rose Mickey macarons. They're so delicious! Another favorite are the twist waffle cones in Animal Kingdom and the Mickey ice cream sandwiches! I also love how each park now has a Starbucks (especially with the special merchandise)!

  7. Great list! My absolute favorite Disney food is the nutella waffle at the Sleepy Hollow restaurant in Liberty Square. YUM!!

  8. Oh man. Now I'm missing Disney! ;) ~Jenn @BecauseImCheap


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