Retro Glasses

I always love accessorizing with new pieces to mix up my look. This time around, I'm teaming up with EyeBuyDirect to style a few cute pairs of glasses, just in time for back to school!

EyeBuyDirect sent me over some cuuuute retro frames to try, even though I actually don't wear glasses. My vision is a-okay (for now), but the cool thing about these glasses is that they have protection from the glare of computer and phone screens. This is huge for me since I sit behind a desk all day staring at my screen at work, so I just had to try them out.

So far, I love them! I've worn the glasses for about a week, and they make a huge difference during the day. I normally get really horrible headaches in the office, and they've been almost nonexistent since I started wearing them. I'm even wearing a pair right now as I type this post!

I've been getting lots of questions since sharing them on Snapchat and Instagram, so I pulled together links to them and how to style them below!


"Aurora" glasses // similar dress // similar sweater // similar sandals // tote // similar necklace // watch

My office is fairly casual, so I love wearing flowy t-shirt dresses and sandals a lot. I always, always layer with a cardigan since it's freezing in there! Complemented with a quirky pair of glasses, this look is super relaxed, stylish and functional.


"Aura" glasses // top (similar style under $50 here) // similar jeans // shoes // similar earrings

I'm not sure why glasses aren't more of a thing, because they'd look totally cute with a super trendy off-the-shoulder top, boyfriend jeans and suede pumps, don't cha think? I'm gonna make it a thing.


"Bardot" glasses (my favorite pair!) // t-shirt // similar shorts // sneakers // similar scrunchie // backpack

Headed back to school? These glasses are the perfect addition to keep in your backpack for typing notes in class or scrolling through Pinterest working on that paper in the library. And, you'll look super cute while doing it.


  1. I love this I wear glasses and am always looking for cute outfits to go with them!!
    Xo, Kelsey

  2. I actually do have to wear glasses/contacts and after seeing these super cute frames I might pick up a pair for myself! What a cool idea to have glasses that help protect your eyes from screens!
    Amy | Pastel N Pink

  3. I love the pattern on those glasses.

  4. I absolutely love the office casual outfit. I think I might have an obsession with neutrals!

    Bryn || The Wine Chronicles

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