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moto jacket (only $25!!) // flannel // sunglasses // bag // floral dress // jeans // t-shirt dress // pom pom keychain // floppy hat // ankle booties

Here in Florida, we don't really get to experience a true "fall," so it can be super tricky to dress for the season and the weather. It's hard to wear boots and scarves when it's still 85 and sunny outside (even in December), so instead, I shop for pieces that have fall colors or prints to mix them with weather-appropriate items.

Luckily, I can get away with ankle booties and jeans at work since the office is always so cold, so I like to layer with cute sweaters and jackets often. I also wear a ton of floral print and t-shirt dresses - gives a fall vibe but still works in the heat! And, if it ever does drop below 70, they're perfect to layer.

My new favorite fall staples are definitely flannels, though. I freeze legit everywhere (movies, dinner, even Disney sometimes!), but hate carrying around bulky pullovers in case I need them. Flannels are so easy to tie around my waist with shorts and a t-shirt, and then I don't have to stuff them in my bag on the go. I always like to go up a size or two in them so they're loose enough to throw over whatever I'm wearing.

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  1. Great picks! When I lived in Orlando last year, I did miss fall a little bit and was sad that I couldn't wear a lot of the cute, warmer things my friends were wearing back home. And you're right--flannels are a lifesaver! They're perfect for cooler Florida weather.

    Bryn || The Wine Chronicles


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