If you're spending a day at the parks, it's always a good idea to plan ahead and bring a bag with everything you might need. Especially now that the weather is warming up, you want to stay hydrated + healthy during your visit!

What I bring with me to any park always depends on (1) the park, (2) the weather and (3) how long I'll be staying. If it's just a couple of hours, I'll bring a small crossbody or backpack with just the essentials. However, if I'm planning on staying from rope drop to fireworks, I'll bring a larger backpack with a change of clothes (comfy t-shirt and running shorts!), my camera, a phone charger, and some snacks! But really, snacks are the most important, am I right?

Nothing is worse than getting hangry while waiting in line. Take a much needed break with a healthy snack. Pure Growth Organic snacks (sold at Amazon and Walmart), are the perfect treats to toss in your bag for the day. My favorite is the white cheddar popcorn - so yummy! Not to mention, Pure Growth Organic snacks are made with organic ingredients with no artificial colors or flavors, no preservatives and 0g of trans-fat. And, for my gluten-free friends, there's even snack options for you, too!

Whether you have a bit of a sweet tooth or prefer saltier snacks like me, there's tons of healthy options that don't make you feel guilty about eating them, but are still delicious. Pure Growth Organic snacks offer everything from animal crackers to popcorn and pretzels, or if you can't decide, they have a snack mix, too. They also offer super healthy options in the form of veggie chips. And, if you're on the go early, grab one of their chocolate banana breakfast bars to start the day!

You can find these sweet and salty made-in-the-USA organic snacks online at Amazon or in-store and online at Walmart. And, while you're at it, check out Pure Growth Organic on Facebook and Instagram, too.

Thank you Pure Growth Organic for sponsoring this post!