We're engaged! Gah, this is a dream come true. Jesse popped the question back in December, and of course I said YES. Jesse and I have been together for almost 5 years now, and I am so excited to embark on many more. Aw. EVERYTHING IS SO CHEESY RIGHT NOW AND I LOVE IT.

So... I know a lot of you have been waiting to hear more about the details of our engagement, and with Valentine's Day this week, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to share them!

A few days before my birthday, December 7 to be exact, Jesse had planned a few fun things to celebrate my birthday a little early. We started out with brunch at the Grand Floridian Café and walked around the resort to see all the beautiful Christmas decorations. This has been one of my favorite things to do a the holidays for years, and being able to share it with Jesse now is extra special.

Afterwards, we went up to Winter Park to make a few stops at my favorite places, including The Heavy (the most vibey plant store). While we were there, Jesse was acting super weird and spacey, which is totally unlike him. He was constantly on his phone (also unlike him), and just not being super responsive when I was talking to him. Not in like a rude way, just like something was on his mind. I knew something was up, I just didn't know what!

Later that evening, we had reservations at one of my favorite restaurants Capa at the Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World. Not only is their food delicious, they also have a beautiful view of the fireworks from the parks on a private balcony. We timed our reservation just right so we could see them.

As soon as we got to the resort, Jesse was again on his phone a TON. I was like, um hello?? You're being rude! He just brushed it off like sorry, my bad. He then asked if I wanted to walk outside for a bit and I was like, why? I was a little hangry at that point and just wanted to go to dinner. LOL.

So, I agreed and we went outside to the palm tree-lined walkway. Jesse started acting SUPER weird then, and so I'm like, ok something is definitely up. He is a very chill, relaxed guy but was being super tense. He walked over to one of the fire pits in a courtyard area to "warm his hands," which was extra weird because it wasn't even that cold out.

We started walking back towards the palm trees and he started saying that he doesn't want to be my boyfriend anymore. For a moment, I thought he was going to legit break up with me. And then, he followed up with how he doesn't want to spend any more Christmases without me, and then it started to hit me that he was actually going to propose. It was so sweet how nervous he was!

He got down on one knee, and I instantly said YES!

He had also brought my friend and Emma from Emma Anne Photography along to capture the whole thing. She was hiding in the bushes the whole time and I didn't even know!!

We then headed up to Capa to make our dinner reservation, and to my surprise, my family along with Jesse's family was there! He had planned the whole thing months ago, and I didn't have the slightest clue.

We had a lovely dinner with champagne to celebrate, paired with a view of the fireworks on the balcony. It was pure magic!

I am so thrilled that I get to marry my best friend later this year. And, the best part? We're getting married at the very place we got engaged at almost exactly a year after we got engaged there. I can't wait!

I'll definitely share more details of our wedding as we get closer, but for now, enjoy these photos from our engagement.

Big thanks to Emma Anne Photography for capturing these gems!