I'm just going to pretend that this is what my apartment still looks like at the moment and not the disaster of cardboard boxes and random picture frames all over the floor in the midst of my move. It's fine.

I've been in this apartment for two years, and boy, have I come a long way since then! Never would I have imagined my life would be where it is now (in a good way). And, if I'm being sentimental, this place really helped shape me as a person, too.

This tiny apartment represents so much more to my life than just my first apartment. It represents my goals in a way, my dedication to living out my dreams that I've worked so hard for. Growing up, I always dreamed about living the life I am living right now, so it's definitely rewarding to be able to call this place home.

While I'm not making a huge move, it's still a little bittersweet to think back of all the sweet mems I had here. There have been so many wonderful moments... but also some not so great ones. It's hard being a 20-something trying to figure it all out, but also incredibly magical.

I know I'm very lucky and very blessed, and I know God has so much more in store for my life. I can't wait to share the next adventures with you, and as always, thanks for following along on my journey!

I'm wearing... flamingo dress (c/o Collyn Raye) • similar wedgessimilar belt (c/o Uniqlo) • earrings (c/o my sweet friend Amy from Amy Believes in Pink!)

Photos by the amazingly talented Emma Shourds Photography

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