It's no secret that I love Amazon Prime. I've been a Prime member for years now, but only within the past couple years have I really taken advantage of the great deals you can find on the site, as long as you know what you're looking for.

While I don't go too crazy for Prime Day because Amazon deals tend to be pretty good on a normal day, there are a fair share of items worth looking into while the sale lasts. It ends today, so I rounded up my favorite items, things that I have or stuff that is similar, and some things I currently have on my list. Scroll down to see them all!

Rose Gold MacBook Keyboard Cover (purchased) - I've ordered a few keyboard covers from Amazon, and it was time to replace my current situation. This one fits the MacBook 12 in and MacBook Pro 13 in (certain models), so double-check to make sure it works for yours. These are super handy and do help protect your keyboard... even when you accidentally spill White Claw on it. Oops.

Clear Waterproof Tote Bag (own this bag from another Amazon seller) - This bag has been my go-to for summer. It's a great size, and I love the material because it wipes clean. It's also great in case of pop-up thunderstorms since it's *mostly* waterproof. I also like that you can remove the pouch insert to throw in other bags without having to change your purse. And, it's a $20 dupe for a $200 bag, which I didn't realize until after I ordered mine.

Rattan Crossbody Bag (own something similar from another Amazon seller) - Another great bag for summer, these little rattan crossbody bags have been pretty popular over the past year or so, but can cost upwards of $50 for a small one. This one is currently on sale for just under $24, which is nearly half the price of similar styles at Free People or Urban Outfitters that I've seen.

Colorful Raffia Heart Earrings (in my cart) - I've been eyeballing these babies for a while, and they're on sale for Prime Day for a little over $8. Might buy, idk, but they're cute.

Shell Necklace + Anklet Set (on my list) - Boy, was I surprised to find out that the shell necklaces I once wore as my surfer-wannabe 10 year-old self are back in style. And then, I saw the price tags at other stores and was like... no thanks. Thankfully, Prime Day has this set for around $10, much nicer.

Striped High-Waisted Bikini (own something similar from this brand) - I've stocked up on quite a few Amazon bikinis for this summer (who am I kidding, all year here lol), and I've been eyeing this one for a while. I own another high-waisted bikini from this brand and love it. Like, seriously. It's really comfortable and flattering, so I have no doubt that this one wouldn't be either. Might end up buying this too because I have no self-control.

Heart Sunnies (own these from another Amazon seller) - Heart-shaped sunglasses are a big thing right now thanks to YSL and Lana Del Rey, probably. I have these from another Amazon seller and Jesse gets mad when I wear them because he's like, people are staring at your weird sunglasses. And I'm like, that's the point. So, if you want people staring, you can snag these on Prime Day today for under $9.

Macrame Plant Hangers (bought these for my sister, might buy them for myself, too) - Like I literally just said, I bought these for my sister when she moved into her new apartment, and they're super cute. They don't come with the pots (or plants, for that matter), but they are super cheap ($12 for Prime Day), so you can splurge on the planters. Any excuse to buy more plants is something I can get behind.

Dyson V7 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner (I don't own this, but my mom does. Actually, she owns two, and life is unfair like that sometimes) - I should probably mention this is at the top of my list because, well, I'm nearing 30, and when you get to that point you start wanting things like cordless vacuum cleaners that are on sale. I would've probably splurged on this, but ya know, bills and stuff. Anyways, I can vouch for it because I hate vacuuming, but I always love using this when I go to visit my parents. It somehow makes vacuuming fun?? Plus, this one comes with some really fancy attachments.

Double-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror (I've had this for years and just found it on Prime Day, a score) - If y'all keep up with my stories, you've probably seen my desk-turned-vanity station setup. Besides the rose gold mirror (cute, but not functional), this thing is what I actually use for when I do my makeup. Super helpful and on sale for 30% off.

Acrylic + Pearl Hair Clips (own similar barrettes from other Amazon sellers) - Another trend revived from my childhood are these little alligator hair clips. This set includes both shell-looking barrettes and pearl ones, so you don't have to choose.

You can also shop my picks directly on Amazon here.

If I find anything else, I'll update it here or in my stories, so stay tuned and happy shopping! :-)