As a total homebody and huge Disney fan, it's not really a surprise that I absolutely love Disney+. And, during this quarantine, it's the perfect time to relax and stream some Disney classics along with a few new favorites.

I'm sharing my Disney+ picks below - scroll down to see them all!

The Imagineering Story - This is the first thing I watched on Disney+, and it has been my absolute favorite! It details the creation of the Imagineer department, from Walt's era to today, and shares a lot of intriguing Disney history along the way. If you're a Disney parks fan, you'll love this one!

Waking Sleeping Beauty - If you love The Imagineering Story, you'll most likely like this one, too. This one tells the story of the Disney Renaissance period, when Disney Animation made a comeback from the heyday during Walt's time.

Disney Fairy Tale Weddings - This one's for the romantics at heart! I absolutely love this series, especially now since I'm planning my own wedding. Disney Fairy Tale Weddings highlights some of the magical weddings, proposals and vow renewals that take place at Disney parks, resorts, and even cruises. New episodes for season 2 premiere every Friday!

One Day at Disney - I thought this one was super interesting! This covers the stories of individuals making magic across Disney, from the parks and resorts to the studios and more! They also have a follow-up series, One Day at Disney Shorts, that are fun, bite-sized episodes of more people behind the magic.

Frozen II - Newly released on Disney+, I have a feeling this will be playing on repeat for the foreseeable future.

Ratatouille - I had to include this because this is my favorite Pixar movie, and it deserves more love!

Aladdin (Live Action Version) - I saw this in theaters and absolutely loved it! It's a well-rounded combination of the classic film with some updated elements to keep things interesting. Plus, the visuals are absolutely stunning.

Lady and the Tramp (Live Action Version) - Another beautiful remake of a classic Disney hit, the live-action Lady and the Tramp is a good one to watch for the warm-fuzzies. Also, dogs.

The Lizzie McGuire Movie - One of my childhood favorites, this one is lighthearted and fun, and brings back all the early 2000s nostalgia.

Tangled: The Series - For fans of Tangled or any Disney Princess movies in general, this is the cutest, sweetest little TV show. It's a good one to put on in the background if you're working from home right now! Plus, the animation is just adorable.

What are you watching on Disney+? Head over to my Instagram @shelbyrevis and let me know your recommendations!