When I was a college freshman, I took a class called "Making It Up As You Go." Since I didn't read the class description beforehand, I found out on the first day of class that it was actually an improvisational theater course.

I stuck with it (mostly because I couldn't transfer out), but it actually turned out to be one of my favorite courses in college. It forced me out of my comfort zone and gave me a little bit more self-confidence, especially after performing our final in front of a live audience. #yikes

Not much has changed since freshman year. Sure, I managed to get my degree, start my career and somehow grow up in the process, too. But, I'm still making it up as I go for the most part. Life happens. To quote my favorite movie, it's all happening. And, happening fast. As much as I love to plan things out, it's hard to keep up.

I think that's why it's important to just enjoy it. I spent a lot of time worrying about trying to get my life together, to make it my idea of perfect, and let me tell you, it's a major waste of time. Sometimes, making it up as you go is all you can do. And, if there's anything I've learned (besides reading class descriptions before signing up), it's to have fun. 

Life's short. Wear fringe vests with flare jeans and conductor hats. Make it up as you go. Trust me, everyone else is, too.

fringe vest (c/o Tobi) // similar tee // hat // jeans // sunglasses // booties

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