It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Taylor Swift. I pride myself on being a Day 1 Swiftie ("Tim McGraw" still gives me the feels), and each album feels like the soundtrack to different seasons of my life. And, with each new album comes the best part - new "eras." Of course, I love the music, but seeing how Taylor completely rebrands herself with each new release makes my creative side soar.

I love getting inspired by her looks from eras from the present and the past, so I created mini capsule wardrobes inspired by the most recent albums with looks that are wearable and still on-trend for today. Scroll down to see each one!

First up, we have Taylor's current era, FolkloreIt's unlike anything we've ever seen from her, but isn't that the case with all her beloved eras? We're seeing a lot of 90s-grunge influences mixed with soft, muted tones and prairie-ready frocks. It's sweet with an edge, and a little cozy chic (thanks to "Cardigan"), and very fall/winter ready. Gimme all the chunky knits please, and bump the AC down while you're at it!!


Next up, we have Lover, probably the shortest TSwift era to date. It's romantic, fun, and ultra feminine packed with pastels, glitter and plenty of sweet motifs. What Folklore offers us in muted tones and black and white, Lover presented in a rainbow with all of the colors. This era brought back Taylor's fairytale vibes we haven't seen since Speak Now, in a way that felt more modern and trendy. Maybe the old Taylor wasn't actually dead after all!


Before we had rainbow unicorn Taylor, we had her darker, moodier serpent side during Reputation. This era is tied for a close second to Folklore for me (sharing a spot with Red), mostly because the album was so freaking catchy. I also loved seeing Taylor break out of her cookie-cutter country pop phases into something a little more... edgy. We saw lots of snakeskin prints, black leather, and elevated athleisure looks during this time, a refreshing change after her post-1989 hiatus. 

Last but not least, we have the infamous 1989 era. Taylor was on top of the world, and her style showed it. This era was marked by her new short hair and crop top sets with matching mini skirts. It was retro but very trendy, not surprising since this was the first fully-pop album we had from her. When she said, "Darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream," she wasn't wrong.