One of the many items on our wedding to-do list has been our registry. I actually procrastinated on it for a longgg time, mostly because I associated wedding registries with kitchen gadgets we'll never use. Turns out, there's actually a lot of useful items out there I never knew we needed!

After researching different websites to host our registry, we ended up going with Blueprint Registry. I found it was the easiest to use and allowed us to add products from any website we chose, from Amazon to more niche stores like Caraway and Our Place.

We did end up adding quite a few kitchen items to our list, but most of them were upgrades from what we currently own, like replacing our beloved Keurig with an actual coffee maker, or opting for a space-saving cookware set in lieu of my current set.

I also added pieces that we would most likely not purchase ourselves, like a fine china set that we can use for special occasions and to keep as a family heirloom.

I've linked some of our favorites from our registry below, just click to shop!