I was recently invited to experience their new Himalayan Salt Therapy at the Waldorf Astoria Spa. I received a complementary Himalayan Salt Stone Massage, 30 minute session in the Salt Therapy Room, and breakfast. While this post is sponsored, opinions shared on my experience are my own.

My focus this year has been on self-care. Between work, creating content and my social calendar, there's not much "me time" in there to relax and destress. 2019 is already off to a crazy start, so when Waldorf Astoria Orlando invited me to come experience their newest addition to the spa, Himalayan Salt Therapy, I simply couldn't refuse.

Himalayan Salt Therapy, or halotherapy, boasts a rather unique experience at the spa. So unique, Waldorf Astoria Orlando is actually the first full-service spa to have its own Himalayan Salt Room on-site.

The combination of the Himalayan Salt Room with the Himalayan Salt Stone massage offers a relaxing, cleansing experience. Plus, the treatments can help with symptoms from both respiratory conditions and skin conditions.

As someone with chronic sinus issues, I felt so rejuvenated after my 60-minute Himalayan Salt Stone massage and 30-minute session in the Himalayan Salt Room. The salt cleanses to help clear out  mucus, get rid of bacteria and soothe lungs. After just 30 minutes in the salt room, I was breathing clearly for the rest of the day. My skin also felt so nice and smooth, since the stones in the massage act as an exfoliator.

Not to mention, the room was so aesthetically pleasing. It was like my Instagram feed materialized itself in the form of a room, honestly. Who knew Himalayan Salt could be so pretty??

I can't recommend the Himalayan Salt Therapy treatments at the Spa at Waldorf Astoria Orlando enough. Thank you to Waldorf Astoria Orlando for hosting me!

For more information and to book your reservation, visit this page.