A few weeks ago, Jesse and I ventured outside our little Orlando bubble over to our west coast neighbor - Tampa. I've only been a handful of times, mostly for concerts that don't stop in Orlando, but nonetheless I haven't been much. Since we've done just about all there is to do around here, we decided to mix it up for a little post-Valentine's Day date and made our way over to Tampa.

Our first stop was Oxford Exchange. This place has been on our list for a while, but like I mentioned, we don't venture outside of Orlando often. This made the hour drive worth it! Oxford Exchange is a really unique mix of things - part coffee shop, part book store, part brunch spot, event space, gift shop - and it is just as wonderful as everyone hyped it up to be. 

We started with brunch and sat outside on the enclosed patio area. The roof is a giant skylight that lets in all the sunshine, and in the center, there's a beautiful fountain with seating attached. Talk about an Instagrammer's dream. I ordered a mimosa and egg sandwich, and it was one of the best brunches I've ever had. Not sure if it was the sun or the mimosa speaking, but I so enjoyed it.

After our visit to Oxford Exchange, we headed over to Hyde Park Village, an outdoor shopping center with the cutest stores, restaurants and picture spots. Oh, and Sprinkles. There's one of those, too. If there's a Cupcake ATM nearby, I will find it.

I loved the awesome murals around every corner. The place had so much character and all of my favorite spots. Before deciding on our next move, we stopped by Buddy Brew Coffee, and tbh, I wanted to move in. It was so aesthetically pleasing, and the cold brew was so yummy.

Caffeinated and ready for our next stop, we made our way to the Florida Aquarium. I'm a huge fan of aquariums actually, so much so, that when I was a kid I begged my parents to take me anytime we went somewhere that had one nearby. I hadn't been to the Florida Aquarium since my third grade field trip, so it was fun to visit again and feel a little nostalgia. I love that it overlooks the bay, too!

Overall, we had such a fun time in Tampa for the day. It's always fun exploring new places and finding the local spots. Where should we go next?